April Birthdays: Daisies and Diamonds

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Daisies, Diamonds, or Daring Adventure - for those born in April, a special gift is an absolute necessity! Here we offer some ideas and explore the traditional symbols of April.

Our April Daisies Compact Mirror is the perfect gift for an April Girl!
April Birthdays are the best. There, I said it.

Ok, perhaps the fact that I was born on April 1st, (AKA: April Fool's Day!) is coloring my judgement. The first day of the first sign of the zodiac? No wonder I'm bossy confident. But hear me out and I think you'll agree that April is a pretty fantastic month for a birthday.

First, the birthstone for April is a DIAMOND. Even if you know there are actually several more exotic, colorful, and rarer stones out there... still, DIAMONDS! Girl's best friend and all.

Next, the April birthday flower is either the Sweet Pea or the Daisy. I prefer the daisy with it's universal appeal and wild, wind-blown nature. Daisies have long represented innocence, new beginnings, and true love. Remember playing "he loves me, he loves me not"? Daisies celebrate romance. In Victorian times, different Daisy varieties represented different concepts: Gerber Daisies for Cheerfulness, English Daisies for Innocence. In the world of Magick, daisies symbolize femininity, and resonate with the energy of the Sun, making them a perfect offering for any Goddess!

Finally (though I am sure there are other great reasons to be born in April), the zodiac for April is either Aries (that's me) or Taurus. Aries is the First sign of the Zodiac so of course we know we are special. Both of these signs share a certain strong-willed nature that I think makes us April babies confident, daring, hard working and creative!

If you have a special woman in your life who was lucky enough to be born in April, our April Daisies Compact and Pill Case are the perfect gift, stop by the shop and we will gift box your order and send a little love note along with it to your favorite girl. I can personally guarantee they will be a hit :-)

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